Tuesday, 26 December 2017

The What I Got For Christmas Post

Hello lovelies....I just want to start this post by saying I hope you all had a fantastic christmas with family and friends!! Our christmas day was lovely and I enjoyed it so much :) Over the festive season and throughout christmas 2016 I have seen a fair few posts about what people got for christmas. I love watching/reading this type pf content and since I started blogging this year I wanted to put my own post up. I am so grateful and appreciative of all the lovely gifts I got this year...xo

Most of you know from my Instagram that I love beauty and skincare products. You can never have too many of these products. I love a good pamper especially at christmas time. I did have a christmas list but there was so much on there that I wanted to wait and see what I opened christmas morning. I absolutely love receiving gift sets, beauty products and of course candles, who doesn't?? 

I know christmas isn't all about presents under the tree, how big they are or how many you have got. I don't want to brag as to how many gifts I have received but I love to see what others opened. It's good to see what other people like, have wanted to try for such a long time or have tried and longed for again. This is what I love about the beauty community, you can feel inspired by so many people around you and that's just a hint to what I've got coming up on the blog next...

I absolutely love body wash, bubble bath, face wash you name it. Soap and Glory has always been one of my favourite brands at Boots. I love their products especially the clean on me shower gel. At christmas time they have the most fantastic gifts all on 3 for 2 as well. I had my eye on a few of their gifts and was surprised to see the exact ones I wanted under the tree. I love the amazing Spa Of Wonder gift set, the Hello Super Spa and the Soaper Hereos. I love their righteous butter and can't wait to use some more of that as well as the facial wash and hand food.  How fab is the other half for picking these up for me. You could say I'm stocked up on Soap and Glory for life now...

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a photo I posted yesterday of all the lovely gifts I got on christmas day. There was so many that I selected a few for this post that I have been so excited about.  For the last few months I have been obsessed with Lush. I started buying products from Lush in October and never looked back. I received The Man In The Moon gift set, some smaller gift sets and my mum got me the Serenity gift box too. I was after The Comforter shower gel as I love the comforter bubble bar. Obviously the shower gel was discontinued and I searched high and low for a gift set with products I had on my wishlist. So so happy to have this...

Everyone in my family knows me well and a pamper gift set is at the top of the cards for me. I received a lovely gift from Boots. Millie Mackintosh released her own pamper and cosmetics range for christmas this year. I got the Prep And Pamper gift set. How lovely is this set?? It has a candle in it too which I think is a lovely item to add to a gift set like this. Can't wait to burn that. I also got another one of the Festive Cookie candles from Zoella Lifestyle. I love Zoella and her brand. Festive Cookie smells absolutely gorgeous and is the perfect christmas scent...

Lastly some gifts I received this year have to be my favourite. I am a huge makeup junkie and adore eyeshadow palette's. I have received some lovely palette's throughout the months of November and December. Some of these were early christmas gifts but I was too excited to save them for christmas day...big kid problems!! :) I got the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette, it's gorgeous!! I have a put up a post on my first thoughts HERE if you want to take a look. I am a huge fan of Kylie Cosmetics eyeshadow palette's. When I seen the holiday collection on her Instagram I wasn't so sure about the products. I think it was the colours that threw me off a little bit. Then I kept seeing her products more and more and I started to like the look of them. You tube doesn't help the temptation though. I decided to add the Nice and Naughty palettes to my wishlist and my lovely boyfriend picked them both up for me. They came just before christmas day so phewww we were lucky. As most of you know if you have ordered from her brand before it can take weeks for products to arrive!! I was so lucky to receive these in time for christmas day. I am going to do a post on these beauts very soon guys. In person the palette's are stunning ;) 

I added an eyeshadow palette to my basket on the Too Faced website. It was sat in my basket for weeks. I kept thinking do I need it or don't I?? I love Too Faced as a brand and picked up some of their christmas collection last year. I was very undecided on their christmas collection this year however when they announced the release of The Chocolate Gold Palette I fell in love!! Christmas morning I opened a Too Faced parcel. I was in shock...literally!! I know it's just a palette but when your obsessed with eyeshadows it's like the most happiest day ever..bloggers will understand what I mean.  I'll do a post on this palette too guys..

Besides the bath and body gift sets and makeup I also received a lovely throw for my bed, some jewellery, chocolates (of course!!), more candles, wine and money. I had the most loveliest christmas ever and I hope you did too....what did you guys receive for christmas? xo

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