Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Lush 2018 Valentines Picks

Ever since I started using Lush products I have wanted to try out their Valentines Day range.  I didn't have to wait long. I heard a lot about certain products from the line so when Lush released their Valentines Day range for 2018 I knew I had to get my hands on some...

The nearest store to where I live is a train journey away but I can't always get to a store so browsing online is perfect for me. This collection was released in January just in time for Valentines Day this month. I wanted to share with you what I picked up from Lush this valentines.....

Unicorn Horn Bubble bar was at the top of my list. I believe this has been released many times before and it has been so raved about. I can honestly see why now. The colour, design and scent of this bubble bar is amazing!! Unicorn Horn retails for £4.50 and is infused with lavender and neroli. I can definitely see myself stocking up on this...

Love Boat Bath Bomb is so bloody cute. I love how it has a heart on the front and tiny little red hearts underneath. This is "the" perfect valentines gift.  Although mine did come broken in my parcel nonetheless I have picked up another one too.  Love Boat has a lemon scent to it but it also contains rose which encouraged me to pick one up. When I seen the demo on the website I fell in love with the array of colours in the water. I must admit you can actually see how it performs on the site so I don't understand all the mixed reviews. If you expected more why buy it?? price £4.25 guys..

Tunnel Of Love Soap is a MUST in my opinion. I love anything pink and when it's pink soap I'm sold. Tunnel of love smells INSANE, it has lime and orange oils with a hint of rose water. When I ordered this online I knew I had to have one. The design is lovely and the pastel pink just calls my name. It's scent kinda reminds me of strawberry sweets so if you love these kind of scents I highly recommend this one. Tunnel Of Love soap retails for £5.95...

Tisty Tosty is a bath bomb. When Lush release anything that is rose scented I'm all over it. I love floral scents. Tisty Tosty has been released before and I believe the last one was all white with rosebuds in. This year it's back is white and the top is pink with rosebuds again. I love the design of this year's. There's something about the pink which draws me to it more. Tisty Tosty retails for £3.50..

Heart Of Enlightened Expectation is definitely a tongue twister. Try saying that five times over lol. When i first saw the design of this I wasn't keen to try it out. My first impressions of it was it contains lemon, possibly lime and maybe orange oils. I'm not a huge fan of all these scents together but I can bear it. When I went online to take a look at it's ingredients I was pleasantly surprised. This is a bubble bar melt, intrigued to say the least. Again with the same design as Tisty Tosty it has ylang ylang, bergamot, cocoa butter, geranium and rose oils. That is "ME" in a bath product. The top of the product also looks like icing on a cake too. Heart Of Enlightened Expectation is retailed at £4.50..

Rose Bombshell has to be one of my favourite products from 2018's range. I believe this has been released before however this is my first time trying it. I absolutely love this bath bomb. The smell is incredible!! Like I said before anything rose scented has me sold. Rose Bombshell is infused with rose oil, yellow rose petals, rosa absolute and geranium oil. When you place this in the bath yellow rose petals escape from the bath bomb. It turns your bath water pink with a hint of blue too. Rose bombshell is a product I would love to see all year round. It retails for £4.50. There is also a giant version of this too...

Whole Lotta Love is a Bubbleroon. If this doesn't scream Valentines Day to you I don't know what will.  This is stunning, it contains rose absolute, lemongrass oil, shea butter and murumuru butter. Besides the lemongrass I'm a huge fan of these scents. I love the design of this one, it reminds me of biscuits you know the ones you get with cheese in the middle and they look "sandwiched" together. I believe the middle part of this bubbleroon is meant to melt whilst the bubblebar hearts crumble in the water. I definitely want to pick up another one of these.  This bubbleroon retails for £4.75...

Have you picked up anything from the Valentines Day range from Lush?



  1. Everything sounds amazing! I've never tried anything from LUSH before, but I really need to xo

    Char |

    1. Loveboat is insane!! I love how much rose products there are this year x


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